Thursday, March 18, 2010

Batch rename folders using python and excel

A simple app that generates a csv file of folders and then lets you add the new names. This manipulation is usually best done in Excel. So I have decided it is a kind of best combination to batch rename files or folders

File for getting folder names

' Get root directory'
ROOT_DIR = "D:\\Pictures\\"
OUT_FILE = "dirNames.csv"

' Get list of directories'
folderNames = [dirs for dirs in os.listdir(ROOT_DIR) if os.path.isdir(ROOT_DIR+dirs)]

'print one by one and name it as outdir.csv'
f = open(ROOT_DIR+OUT_FILE,"w")
for fol in folderNames:

File to rename
ROOT_DIR = "D:\\Pictures\\"
RENAME_FILE = "newNames.csv"

f = open(ROOT_DIR+RENAME_FILE,"r")
names = f.readlines()

for n in names:
    nmsList = n.strip().split(',')
    print nmsList[0]+" being renamed to : "+nmsList[1]

As usual given with no guarantees. Use at your own risk

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