Friday, July 3, 2015

Rajasthan round up: Vacation in 10 days (Part 4 of 4)

Phew ... the journey from Jaisalmer to Udaipur(our last destination) is nearly 12+ hours.

We broke the journey at Ranakpur for an hour. Ranakpur we saw the Arathi at around 6 pm. It was beautiful. Inside the temple, they still dont use electric lights (Jain temple and they feel it attracts insects) (Another thing that I did not understand was that they did something like an auction at the Arathi for the sponsorship - this explains why people from this area are so good at Business! - even the temple rituals are to the highest bidder!)

Udaipur was very scenic because of the lake. The Lake palace is organically built over the centuries by various kings and hence one can see different styles in the same building. The tickets were expensive for entry and photography

We stayed in a hotel called Rampratap. Its a small joint but a unique expeirence. Rooms are clean, service is good and best of all - he has one of the best lookouts to the lake, I dont think many of the other well known hotels can even match this property.

We drove to Ahmedabad and flew back to Chennai. (Udaipur is poorly connected and very expensive tickets to even Mumbai or Delhi)

It was one loooong vacation, but worth every bit of road travel Rajasthan roads were good. The much talked off Delhi Ahmedabad highway was a let down though as there was lots of road work and poor roads, very slow traffic at places.

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