Saturday, May 23, 2009

Path to process maturity - establishing benchmark processes

Simplify, understand, deploy and then enrich

Establishing a process from a benchmark, is not straightforward. While most people beleive that the benchmark shoul help bring them to maturity,

The process of establishment is a 4 step process

1. Take the benchmark and simplify - water it down and you will hate yourself for doing it
2. Get people to understand the elements, intent and purpose. Very often a complex process evokes fear, hence, having a process with just the core (obvious) intent fulfilled is a good starting point.
3 and 4. Use the process a couple of times, each time enriching the process. Ensure that the next project builds on the past projects process

One of the key roles of the PMO is to identify with the help of the senior management, the key deliverables from programs and work the above process to the benchmark. We have all heard the statement, it (the benchmark) works in company Y not here. It needs to be suited to our culture and organization. The above are 4 steps to align and get to the benchmark in your organizations context.

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