Friday, January 1, 2010

My learnings and tips from first time DSLR use

I used the Nikon D5000 I bought quite extensively during vacation. My learnings and tips for newbies (I am leaving out commonly found wisdom on the net to avoid repetition)

1. Always shoot in Manual. Critical snaps - keep a copy shot in Auto also. This way you will learn a lot.
2. Check the ISO before you shoot.Check the ISO before you shoot.Check the ISO before you shoot.
3. Remember the rule of thirds
4. On sunny days , especially with people facing the sun, better to overexpose. (In fact it is better to get the exposure 1~2 points more than 0 in most situations except sunny landscapes.
5. Always carry the camera - you never know when you need it on a vacation. Also carry a hip holster kind-of easy case. SHOOT - dont feel shy or think twce - the moment may go forever
6. Unless you have an open background in a portrait, dont go below f5 on 18-55 zoom. Quite likely you will focus the subject poorly.
6. When shooting through a grill or a window, switch to manual focus.
7. When shooting in live view, shoot with manual focus switched on.

Have fun. Keep the camera back in the bag immedately after you shoot so you dont annoy your friends/family. ;-)
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