Friday, March 25, 2011

How to take macro photos with a normal lens? Photographing flowers

I recently went on a vacation and found a flower that I wanted to photograph. I am not a pro and dont like to switch lenses to shoot macro (besides I dont own a macro lens!)

The "goldilocks and the the 3 bears" approach to close-up photos of flowers

I realized that the trick is to get close to the object, and use a high f stop (but not too high to make the background too clear).

Since you are shooting close, the flower is usually in different planes. Having a low f stop reduces depth of field and hence an out of focus image. Having a very high f-stop does not blur the background and hence pulls you away from the subject.

Too low an f-stop (f/1.8)
From Kodaikanal_Vacation

Too high an f-stop (f/8)
From Kodaikanal_Vacation

Just right (f/4.5)
From Kodaikanal_Vacation

Here is another pic I took
From Kodaikanal_Vacation

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