Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to photograph the evening sky? - My experience

The evening sky with its colour is fascinating. I have tried to get the color of the sky several times, but always got the color hues messed up with overexposure.

One of the tricks I learnt when photographing the sky, is to silhouette the other objects by choosing to under-expose. 2 to 3 points underxposure can produce good colour results in replicating the hues. Here are 2 pics

It is possible to get the same using exposure compensation in your camera, if it provides for the same. Please read this interesting article with references to Ansel Adams Zone system concept of dark and light as perceived by the eye

Exposed at 0
From 201104_Conoor

Exposed at -2 points
From 201104_Conoor

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  1. Try a filter or 2. Polarized filter will cut down on some of the glare. Indirect lighting is the best - Morning & evenings.