Friday, November 2, 2012

Bose Bluetooth Headset 2 : Review - Music into my life again

For last 3 years I have been using various bluetooth and wired headphones for music and phone and almost never used them consistently. In fact, I have started music only during my exercise and mostly on shuffle and bluetooth for the phone while driving. I wanted to bring music back and also not carry an extra pair of phone accessories.

I realised that the following were my needs
1. Should be able to listen to music and voice
2. Should not be in 2 ears - looks awkward and also in an office setting you want to be able to listen to/be approachable to others
3. Should stay in the ear - even while running
4. Should not shut off noise and cause ear irritation like several in-ear phones
5. Should not be heavy
6. Should provide unobtrusive good voice clarity - the other person should not ask " Are you driving or am in on the speakerphone?"

I have tried the Nokia BH-505, Philips SB9000, Motorola, , Sony in-ear wired phones and the Bose Bluetooth Headset 2. I compared with the Stone2 (Jabra) and the Plantronics M100

I am glad that I took the Right ear version of the Bose Bluetooth headset 2 (Bose offers it in 2 different versions) and it seems to be just perfect

The music is clear and great (it is a BOSE - atleast the price tag of Rs. 8.8K confirms it! - it is expensive). No one has asked me to repeat myself or whether I am in a car. The set is just too light (i think some sub 20 g) and I had fogotten I was wearing it. The StayHear (TM) stuff is great and I have listened to atleast 6 albums in the last 1 week on this set.

It pairs easily and detects far better than the other sets I have had. Only issue is that you may have to charge it almost daily if you are a heavy user of headsets.


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