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Mahabaleshwar: Getting there from Mumbai and stay: Part 1 of 4

Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar
For most people a vacation plan to Mahabaleshwar will involve how to get there, where to stay, how long to plan and what to see and enjoy. I planned to go from Mumbai by road and it will take between 6 to 8 hrs if you travel with your family and plan to stop often. The route is best via Pune using the National Highway. The best places to Stop are (1) After the Toll naka in Mumbai and (2) About 20 kms after Pune in Hotel Natraj

The drive is not too great as the frequent lane changes and arid deccan landscape in summer were just ok. There are long tunnels and can be very interesting for the kids

Stay: MTDC Mahabaleshwar: Very nice place for families
MTDC was a very homely stay and the staff are extremely helpful, especially if you are travelling with family and children. The cottage rooms are ok, though not the best maintained. The newer standard rooms are good. There are lots of monkeys too.


There are 2 restaurants inside and the food was very good. The "PWD" restraunt where we used to eat had good service too and they serve breakfast lunch and dinner.(Indian)

There are strawberry and mulberry/blackberry vendors who come and charge about 40 bucks per cup and its quite nice.

You can even get horserides inside the MTDC

An optimal way to see Mahabaleshwar is to split it into 3 -
1. Pratapgarh direction - 1 day
2. In and around Mahabaleshwar -2 day
3. Strawberry farms - 3rd day

This way, if you are with family and kids, you get a break on day 2 and also what you buy on day 3 at the farm(Mapro) can be taken with you back from vacation!

Mahabaleshwar to Pune:
And yes!, the ride to Pune on the return takes about 3 hours - incase you plan to take a train or flight out of there.

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Day 3. Strawberry farms - 3rd day

Pics from my trip:

PS: What puts you off is the rip off guys do at the entrance of Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar saying they are collecting a toll. Those are fakes and not authorised by the government.

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