Thursday, April 7, 2016

Darjeeling Vacation : Queen of the Himalayas (Part 5 of 5)

This is Part 5 of this travelogue covering the penultimate day)
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Tiger Hills

Day 4 was the exception to our vacation rule. Me and my son decided to go and see the sunrise on Kanchenjunga. Lets never get to asking a person if it was worth waking up at 330 am in freezing winter and braving an hour long car journey...... (Temperatures were 3 deg without accounting windchill)

To be met by about 10000000000000 people who got there before you and want to be an inch closer.........

When you can see similar sunrises in Mylapore at 5 am having filter coffee..... (of course while wearing a sweater or shawl to bear the cold 20 degrees chennai winter)

Hey wait...... Can you show me this ......

Yes for all the pain it was worth it - me and my son liked the adventure. Its frankly too cold for women, children, old people - Not worth risking them up for there is also a long walk in the dark, hardly any facilities and too much crowd. (See it on youtube from the comfort of your bed if you are not able to make it here)

Shopping continued in the morning after we returned. One interesting (BIIIIIIG climb) was the temple there. Unexpected but very nice and has a nice view too. (You can walk it up from the mall)

Shiv Shani temple

Overall a great tip. The next day we left in the morning after breakfast for a flight from Bagdogra around Noon to Chennai. (Please plan a minimum 4 hrs of travel time to the airport)

Where to eat:

Mostly we ate at the hotel. Except on the day we came to Darjeeling , we ate in the lodge at Kurseong (see Part 1).

Kunga restraunt

Near the shopping area is a place called Kunga . They serve authentic local meals. Momos and noodle soups are out of the world. They are run by a very nice family. They even suggest what portions would be most correct for you.

Have a great time. If you found this useful send me which was useful and what was boring so can edit the pages. Also send me your updates to post if you've travelled recently.

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