Monday, January 24, 2011

Mylapore Tank Float Festival 2011 - Theppam - Part 1

Mylapore Tank Float Festival 2011 - Theppam (Kapaleeswar Temple) - Part 1

The Mylapore Tank outside Kapali festival hosts the float festival (Theppam or Teppam in Tamil) in January every year.

Its usuually fun to go for this and the Aruvathi Moovar. This time it was on 21 Jan 2011 and we were there at 8 PM to see it in all glory.

I find that over 30 years, somethings have changed - The mamas and mamis come from Cognizant, Infosys, or some BPO versus TVS, Ashok Leyland or Amalgamations. The lights are neon lights versus dull serial lights or oil lamps / petro max lamps

But somethings haven't changed (luckily) - some mamis are still in Nine yards, families still bring the children for this slow moving entertainment, the flloat is still manually tugged and above all there is still a crowd for this.

See my next post for pictures


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