Monday, February 21, 2011

Is this Mumbai? A photo walk in "Walk"eshwar - Walkeshwar , Mumbai, Banganga Tank, Part 2

Is this Mumbai?

Every visit to Mumbai reveals a new thing atleast for me. I find Mumbai and London to be 2 cities that have a story in every turn. Here are some pictures which I took, which don't look like the Mumbai we have in mind.

Long back I had seen a collection of photos of South Mumbai that mentioned Banganga Tank, Walkeshwar in the ever busy south Bombay. After 15 years of seeing the coffee table book (from HSBC I think), I finally made it to see it in real life.

Route: VT station (by train), Taxi via Marine Drive to Walkeshwar

Here are some pictures I took,

A shave on the gully on a lazy sunday morning by a Barber - A steep climb down and up the Banganga tank in Walkeshwar (#IsThisMumbai) - A
From 2011 Walkeshwar Banganga Tank

Ducks at the Banganga tank (#IsThisMumbai)
From 2011 Walkeshwar Banganga Tank

Cows at Walkeshwar temple
From 2011 Walkeshwar Banganga Tank

Clothes being dried on the steps
From 2011 Walkeshwar Banganga Tank

Nikon DSLR f/1.8 35mm

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