Friday, June 8, 2012

Writing and note taking apps review : iPad

For most people writing is a personal thing and not quite used for communicating with others unless it's typed out.I find that my task list, meeting notes , mind maps etc stick when they are handwritten

A superb use I found for the iPad is to use it as a notebook.I bought a few stylus ( in eBay and croma later) griffin, Targus, igo, Chinese 2 for 400 type pens on eBay

I bought notetaker HD , notesplus and the hand writing add on , noteshelf, penultimate, notability, upad, remarks, neunotes, paper, bamboo, penultimate, ghostwriter, tapose, write pad, notify and ...

Whew a whole lot of software....

My take on the noteworthy (pun intended) ones

Notetaker HD - probably the second best app but still my first and favourite for all notetaking. Has every feature you can imagine . It's done by dan bricklin the inventor of VisiCalc spreadsheets adding that geeky twist to selection.Can tag and staple

Notesplus - has great set of features and also with an addon you can recognise and convert to text too! A painful reference library to access the books quickly

Noteshelf - one of the best ink I have seen. I would rate this app as number 1. I just moved out since I found this too much eye candy for me ad wanted something little more clunky

Notability - great ink, great eye candy. I liked noteshelf better since this kind of felt like it was blottingWrite pad is for direct OCR and text conversion

All the other apps are quite far away in functionality or are very un-intuitive compared to these.
Example, ghostwriter - clunky,
penultimate and bamboo - no magnify mode,
upad lite is probably ok and will probably come close to the noteshelf,
remarks - cant change palette,
tapose and notify - more for cross referencing

If you wanted to spend money, go for notetaker hd and griffin or Targus stylus.Please do give your comments if you use any other apps.


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