Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cochin - ferry ride and Photographs: A trip to Kerala

For Rs 50 / person this ferry ride for about 2 hrs is one of the best ways to see the city scape of Cochin

The best time to go is around 5-6 PM and watch the sunset and the lights appear (a tip from our tourist taxi operator which was very useful)

They play nice music too on the ferry!

They show you the Cochin shipyard too. The ferry begins off MG Road.

Here are some photos (and some tips on taking night city scapes)

To photograph night city scapes - under expose your photos by 2~3 notches (I learnt it at Cochin!)

A Barge that we overtook

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  1. We had a dream. A dream of transporting the devotees of Lord Ayyappa to Sabarimala in a very safe and swift mode of transportation without any compromise both on the sanctity of the holy temple and the spirituality and faith of the devotees.