Saturday, October 6, 2012

Interesting performance - Must see in Cochin - Kathakali Dance Centre

The Cochin Cultural Centre - Kathakali Centre is centrally located in Cochin(Kochi) and in Ernakulam and is a popular destination. You need to generally pre-book to get assured seats for the 5 PM Lecture Demonstration

I am not the dance-seeing type (ahem...), and resisted going to this show. However, since we had an evening to spare I went with my family. The show was amazing and for a person like me who did not know (or care) anything about dance, the color music beat and speed was captivating.

The make up (a very important part of the show) starts early and please dont miss it. Also the proceeds from the centre support Kathakali - a dying art form

We saw it in the one located off MG Road.

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