Thursday, March 17, 2016

Darjeeling on Vacation : Queen of the Himalayas (Part 2 of 5)

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We did not do much the day we landed except go for a walk to the mall road. Glenarys was open - so ate some really good pastries (and ugh Coffee). The shop was lit up and decorated for the christmas and new year celebrations (Theres a steep walkable shortcut from the hotel to the shopping area and Glenarys- should take no more than 5~10 mins max!)

Glenarys (Day 1)

The Touristy Places (Day 2)

I fixed up with the hotel for a standard sightseeing trip - They will organise a Sumo and at a little more an Innova.
Some tips:
1. They will have Tour 1 (with some 7 places) Tour 2 (with some 7 places) and each will cost you about 3K and almost 3/4ths of a day. When you look perplexed at him, they will sell you a combo (the one he always wanted to) with the best of both worlds for about 3000 and throw the Innova as a bonus
2. Try to do Tiger hill on a separate day and not back to back- Sunrise at Tiger hill - the day starts at 3 am!
(B in Bengal stands for Bargaining and I do it too poorly)

The places we saw were only a few but we had a lot of fun (I believe its not the number of places..... aka Grapes are sour.....)

Zoo and Mountaineering institute (Same location)

The first place was Padmaja Naidu Zoo - It was fab. Some of the animals that you've seen on TV actually exist (goes to prove that some reporters actually write the truth!) - Will take you about an hour to warm up, tickle the animals with your exaggerated disbeleif, catch the sun and come out for street shopping

Wilder animals (other than humans) were in cages.

The entrance to the Himalayan mountaineering institute is from inside the zoo. Quite an interesting place - Tensing Norgay now has a special place in our family

Once you've seen the museum and are about to conclude there is  nothing to it and you too can do it too; the cabbie will take you to training hills. Tenzing rock is the first exercise in Mountaineering 101.

Thats when you decide, "who wants to do it anyways......"

(Quick Links to the Darjeeling Travelogue : Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5)


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