Saturday, January 24, 2009

How I maintain my mp3 library using python

I use a combination of iTunes , iTunes updater and Media Monkey . Use media monkey to update the tags, and iTunes updater to read it into iTunes. I use iTunes since I like the interface to listen to my music.

This was after cleaning up with my own scripts for the folders that I inherited. I use a python file to read the directory and the tags into a excel file (using pipe separated txt). I then correct it and send it back using the file.
#!/usr/bin/env python
import ID3Writer
import id3reader

fIn = open('in.txt','r')

sStr= fIn.readline()

while sStr:
lStr = sStr.split("|")

fN = lStr[0]
id3r = id3reader.Reader(fN)
tr = id3r.getValue('track')
tr = int(tr)
tr = 1
art = id3r.getValue('performer')
tit = id3r.getValue('title')
yr = str(id3r.getValue('year'))
lbl = id3r.getValue('label')
ttltr = id3r.getValue('totaltracks')
ttltr = int(ttltr)
ttltr = 1

id3w = ID3Writer.Writer(fN,tr,lStr[2],lStr[3],lStr[1],yr,lbl,ttltr)
sStr = fIn.readline()
import os
#from tagger import *
import id3reader
fOut = open ("out.txt", 'w')
mp3attribs = ['album','performer','title','genre']
sStr = ""

for roots,dirs,files in os.walk(r'H:\Karthik\Music\Carnatic Music\Ariyakudi'):
for f in files:
if os.path.splitext(f)[1]=='.mp3':
fN = os.path.join(roots,f)
id3r = id3reader.Reader(fN)
sStr = sStr + roots+"|"+ f +"|"+fN
while i < len(mp3attribs):
sStr = sStr + "\n"
## i3 = ID3v1(fN)
## print roots,"|",f,"|",i3.album,"|",i3.artist,"|",i3.genre

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