Sunday, January 18, 2009

The need for support in a PLM implementation

The need for support in a PLM implementation

Typically training for PLM implementations involve users accessing online training material or classes. The real need for training is however, when they start using the system. Any training material placed when keying in details and availability of a person at hand greatly enhances success of PLM implementation.(The latter being the MOST effective)

Some tips when supporting users:

1. Take them from their current system to the new system - what this means? - The support staff need to be trained on the legacy system PLM is replacing. Users will continue to ask you for "How to's" in the context of their current systems

2. Distribute adequate online training material and handouts before training

3. Ensure all process owners are trained atleast once before go-live

4. Provide additional buffer support personell for (a) Retraining users who missed out training (b) enhancements that need to be compleed immedeately after go-live

5. For complex user problems, instruct support staff to say "I dont know" and ask the L2 / L3 support members rather than complicating the situation wherein user has to rework information

My experience with major module go live has been that call logs come down by around a sixth in about 4 months.

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