Sunday, January 18, 2009

The "perfect data migration"

The "perfect data migration"

Data migration from any legacy system to PLM involves substantial work especially if the legacy is quite large

Most data migrations suffer loss and inconsistsncy theat can be quite dangerous and often involve substantial rework

The typical sources for data loss are

1. Lack of corresponding attributes (often attributes in relationships)

2. Lack of emphasis at the time of data migration since the history and use of the attribute is not known to several members

3. Incorrect and inconsistent use of attributes in the legacy system leading to problems in splitting and assigning to correct attributes

4. Unstructured information (Textual and pictorial) information in legacy systems

Some solutions

1. My experience is that it is better to migrate the data even if unstructured to reduce reliance on legacy systems.

2. Further converting common reports from legacy systems and attaching to parts/BOMs may also be useful

3. Ensure that all major data migration activities are complete before starting usage and not just the bare minmum to work. Usually, the development team has to work on quick enhancements to support users and hence, time for subsequent data migration is not there.



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