Sunday, March 1, 2009

Buridans ass and developing a human infrastructure for performance

Buridans ass is a classic where there is a thirsty and hungry donkey and lack of random events(a nudge of the donkey)  could be standing equidistant from both Food and Water.

In real-life there are 2 learnings from this - 
1. The difficult thing is to create ways by which you establish a means to measure and reward setting up the infrastructure for performance (getting food and water and the thirst donkey) in its place. Otherwise , there is always a winner take all of a new person who could potntially reap the benefits of the predecessor by nudging the donkey for performance
2. Innovation is the nudge. Most of us are in the process of hunting for food and water (incentives) with a process of linear thinking. The nudge creates the move to food or water in a different way since the world is full of opportunity anyway.

Credits: Fooled by randomness for leading me to Buridans ass

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