Sunday, March 29, 2009

PMO Maturity Model with respect to Project Issues: Value add from PMO

Most senior management expect the PMO to be aware of risks in projects based on (1) their interactions with project teams (2) cross project experiences

The 3 levels of maturity of a PMO are

1. Initial: The PMO is still getting to be aware of the programs/structure and processes. Further, the rapport with the program manager will determine the extent of the risk awareness

2. Reporting: The processes have been established. Techniques to effectively capture risk and resolve are commonly accepted by program teams and PMO. The project leaders are also confident of the methodology and the PMO is aware of the risks known to the project teams

3. Value added : The PMO has been well established and is working over a range of projects. Cross functional project experience enables the PMO to foresee risks in the program not self evident to the project teams.

Every organizations leadership wants PMOs to ramp up as fast as possible to Maturity level 3.

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  1. Karthik,

    I kind of agree with your maturity model. Processes are fundamental for effective delivery on Projects.

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