Friday, October 22, 2010

Review and pics of Hotel Woodlands Bangalore

We stayed at Woodlands for 3 days on 9-11 and 14 Oct 2010.

Location: The place is right in the middle of Bangalore , thought for first timers, when coming from Hosur road to Richmond circle, there is an acute turn next to a hidden name board for woodlands

Parking: Ample parking space is available.

Room size: Large (Actually this is a very old and conservative hotel and you will enjoy the large albeit old  but clean rooms)

Food: There is a Sunheri restraunt for breakfast and lunch and Woodys for Dinner.

I liked the buffet south indian breakfasts which were complimentary. Especcially their super small handkerchief sized dosas and masala dosas.

Lunch is "Sappad" on a Banana Leaf - man what a 5 course meal - starts with puri sambar, rasam, mixed rice, curd, sweets and more....

Dinner is in Woodys inside the campus but outside the building.

Room service is ok but the service in the restaurant is quite poor. Its not equipped to handle the crowd. Price of food is high and not quite commensurate with service or helpings

Tariff: around 2.5K + Taxes for Non-ac rooms.

Looks: Nice conservative old place
A picture of the entrance
From 201010_Bangalore_Mysore_Vacation_Public

An old car parked at the entrance
From 201010_Bangalore_Mysore_Vacation_Public

Old building housing the entrance and some reception
From 201010_Bangalore_Mysore_Vacation_Public

From 201010_Bangalore_Mysore_Vacation_Public

2 views from the room on 6th floor
From 201010_Bangalore_Mysore_Vacation_Public

From 201010_Bangalore_Mysore_Vacation_Public

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