Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trip from Chennai to Bangalore by Road - A distance of about 350 kms - Tips, Places to eat and road guide

I am publishing this post mainly for people who want to travel Chennai to Bangalore by road  and are driving this route for the first time

Distance : Around 350 kms
Best route: Chennai (RA Puram - Poonamallee - Vellore - Vaniyambadi - Krishnagiri - Hosur - Bangalore) NH4 - NH46 and NH7
Key route markers and turns: Ensure you turn right after Krishnagiri (under a flyover onto NH7) - remember the left takes you to Dharmapuri and Salem.
Start time: 7 AM (From Chennai)
Reached at: 12:30 PM at Koramangala and 1:30 PM at Richmond Circle Woodlands Hotel

Best places to eat  breakfast or lunch depending on when you leave -
If you leave at 7 AM from the city (like RA Puram or T Nagar) you will reach
1.  Jains Hotel in Poonamallee (opposite Tirupati cutting) on the left side of the road. This is a great place for breakfast at around 8 AM . (There are 2 hotels that look alike  - take the one that is marked as Jains)
2. Alternatively you could drive till Kanchipuram around 8:30 AM and eat at Arasuvai Arasu there.
3. Around 10:30 you will be at Vellore - Just before the second flyover on the highway you will see a board that says "Katpadi". Take the feeder road leading to Katpadi and under the flyover turn right - in the large circle. (You will see several boards that say Way to VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) - you will know you are on the right track if you see them). There is a place called Aryas right there in the circle itself - you cant miss it. where you can eat here. Good decent food. There is also a AC wing in this restraunt. We prefer this to Saravan Bhavan since it is right on the highway unlike Saravana Bhavan which is inside the city. This place, Aryaas also has good parking - ask the security guy.

Things to watch out:

  • The Ambur Vaniyambadi towns are on the highway and there is significant bus traffic. So slow down in the city
  • Arcot bridge people come in the opposite direction
  • Expect traffic snarls in Hosur and Koramangala onwards.
  • After Atibele take the elevated expressway to reach Madivala. Thats the fastest way to gain entry into Bangalore - takes less than 40 mins from there. Dont overspeed on the elevated expresssway (80 kmph is speed limit) as there are cops and speed guns all over.

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  1. Karthik, thanks for the detailed information. Can you please guide me the route to Infantry Road after I enter Bangalore, I will be making my first trip by car from Chennai to Bangalore next month. I have very little knowledge on roads in Bangalore.

  2. Am sorry, writing after a long time. Bangalore today is quite confusing and I am afraid I cant help you. (I stayed there 12 years back!)