Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trip from Bangalore to Mysore by SH-17 road: Tips and Experience

Distance : about 140 kms and takes 4 hours.
Time: 2 hrs to get out of Bangalore and 2 hrs on the highway!!! From Richmond circle Woodlands hotel we took the BGS fly over (or the Deve Gowda flyover as people put it to cross the Majestic Jams). Yet we were held up at the "Satellite" Bus station for nearly 30 mins.
Route: For old timers who have seen the earlier road, this is a major improvement . However, for people who have driven on the Golden quadrilateral from Chennai, the road has far too much miscellaneous traffic - from Bullock carts to Cycles to Trucks. This does slow you down. It is quite scenic though with the advent of all the Coffee days and Kamaths, their hoardings are an eye-sore spoiling the landscape.

You will go through Ramanagar, Maddur, Mandya, Srirangapatna. Each has a fancy board like Ramanagar says Silk City Ramnagar etc. The pain in this route is that there is no by-pass for these - and each extends for more than 3~4 kms, especially Mandya.

Food: Maddur is known for its "world famous" Maddur vada and the route is dotted with Cafe Coffee Days,Kamat, McDonalds, KFC and other. But personally, its anyway a 4 hour journey - you dont need a break.

Some tips:

  1. If you are planning to do it in 3 hrs, get out of Bangalore real early morning.
  2. Take the BGS flyover to get out of the city fast (If you leave from Richmond Circle, Woodlands Hotel)
  3. Avoid weekend rush. I did it during Mysore Dasara season but managed to avoid weekends
  4. Turn right at the big "Mysore" green arch if you plan to go to Yadavagiri Dasaprakash Paradise (see my Hotel Review)

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